Video #1: 

Students in MUS 177L Principles of Music Education participate in a lecture on Universal Design for Learning. In this lecture I utilize PearDeck, a google app add on, which allows students to interact with the lecture anonymous of the class, but known to the teacher. 

Video #2: 

Here I am presenting First Steps in Orff at NYSSMA Winter Conference, 2018. 

Video #3: 

This is a compilation video of MUS 463 Music Methods and Materials for Elementary Majors. Here you will see non-music majors engaging in musicking as well as discussions on bringing music into their future classrooms. 

Video #4: 

This is a video of MUS 277: Principles of Music Education II. This is a practical applications lecture of UDL, accommodations, and modifications within a variety of music settings. 

Video #5: 

This video is a lecture from MUS 463 Music Methods and Materials for Elementary Majors. In this clip students are discussing an article by Gloria Ladson-Billings on the (R)evolution of culturally responsive pedagogy. Students in this lesson are engaging in class discussion, paired peer discussion, and personal reflection through an interactive teaching tool called PearDeck. 

Video #6: 

— This video demonstrates my work with elementary students. Lessons selected demonstrate instruction with students ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade. Also included is a brief clip of the fifth grade chorus. 

Video #7:

This lecture, for students in MUS 464, is focused on the brain and the benefits of music education on brain development in early childhood.